Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to Download ZNS Player Securely?

How to download ZNS Player Securely?

For Apple users, the simplest way is to download ZionNewSong Player from the App Store.

Enter “ZNS Player” in the search bar and you will find the application. When the installation is completed, you can immediately listen to over a thousand of Zion New Songs through two methods, online streaming or having them all downloaded to your phone.

For Android users, you can download "ZionNewSong Player" from Google Play Store. The steps are just the same as above.

It is also secure to visit the official website of Zion New Song ( and listen to the songs online. You may also download the songs to your computer.

There are two formats available, mp3 and ALAC. You can then synchronize your smartphone or tablet with your computer to share the songs.

Is ZNS Player a Secure Application?

It is secure to download ZNS player through Apple’s official App Store, as Apple has strict internal filtering procedures to prevent viruses and Trojans. Also, Apple will not allow any applications to steal personal information without the consent of the users. Therefore, ZNS player in Apple’s official App Store would not contain any viruses or Trojans.

However, it is not recommended to download ZNS player with an Apple device that has been jailbroken, as it is easier to be hacked or be infected with viruses.
As the security of the Android system is worse than Apple’s iOS system, there are a lot of different viruses and Trojans in the Android system, and the system itself is vulnerable to be hacked. Thus, it is impossible to ensure the security of the phone using the Android system.

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  1. For Apple users, the simplest way is to download ZionNewSong Player from the App Store.