Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Kolbrin Bible

No one knows the origin of the Kolbrin Bible. Right now, people only know that the Kolbrin Bible is owned and guarded by The Culdians, a secret organization. They claimed that they have guarded the Kolbrin Bible for more than 850 years. However, they only provided the modern English version of the Kolbrin Bible reprinted in 1994 for people, the original version of the Koblrin Bible has ever made public.

Besides, Marshall Master, the expert in studying the history of Planet X and the impacts of Planet X towards the earth, released an updated version of the Kolbrin Bible in 2006 named The Kolbrin Bible, 21stCentury Master Edition. This book has 600 pages, size of an A4 paper and with about 600 thousand of words in total.


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