Friday, September 6, 2013

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Thousands Of Dead Fish Found In A River In Wuhan, China?!

September 02, 2013 - CHINA - Jingchu network news (reporters Zhang Yang) on September 2, the number of dead fish from the fuhe River floating in the Wuhan section to the surface, according to the Wuhan Municipal Government Emergency Office publishing Twitter showed dead fish or upstream pollution-related. Emergency personnel at all levels of government departments and salvaging of dead fish along the coast at the same time, many fishermen come "cheap" part of dead fish into the market.

5 o'clock in the afternoon, reporters rushed to the waters near the fuhe bridge, flakes floating on water surface shining white of dead fish, mostly two or three centimeters long carp and white-mouth culter Erythroculter. Underwater, the more dead fish heads out of struggling to breathe, a humming sound of people worried.

Ouyangdaoming said to the fishermen lived here your whole life, from the 80 's of the last century to the present, large areas of dead fish almost every summer. Li Tun communities where he had few people rely on fish for a living, residents considered xiaogan, among others the sewage discharged from the upper river, resulting in the death of fish. As of press, huangpi district environment Department water sampling results still hadn't been announced.

"Dead, consider themselves unlucky, who won't pay you. "Ouyangdaoming Frank to fish in the River, like gambling, could only be made water abundant year. This year, he has invested 200,000 fish fry, due to upstream water reduction, "there is no dilution of hazardous substances in the river water, has lost at least a hundred thousand of".

In order to stop, ouyangdaoming fishing in the River, dozens of half-metre long dead catfish. In the presence of reporters, he sold more than 20-pound catfish, waiting on the shore of hawkers, journalists learn from what they are saying, it won't be long before these dead fish appear in public on the dinner table. "The gutter is the one who could live in the river died, and you say how much toxic? "On the sidelines collecting small fish to feed the cat a villager said, which she can't eat. Then, to the departments concerned in this case.

Reporter from Wuhan dongxihu EPA enforcement agency learned that dead fish has nothing to do with the outfall area, South head, should be the River, xiaogan caused by water pollution. Several nearby residents said this morning when the water is green, from xiaogan bayi bridge to the bridge on the River, dozens of full of dead fish in the water. Later, Wuhan Municipal Government Emergency Office official microblog confirmed that: "after the initial investigation, may be related to pollution upstream. ”

It is understood that the Wuhan Municipal Government has strictly huangpi, dongxihu, jiangan district organizations leading to the scene of uninterrupted salvage dead fish, prevent the market. This network will continue to pay attention to this. - Kaixian. [Translated]