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Council of Worlds at WAR re Announcement Delays (NEW + MORE + YET MORE ZetaTalk)

Posted by Nancy Lieder on June 19, 2015
SOZT November 1, 2014
What caused this dramatic explosion? Both Orbital Sciences and Space X have conducted successful launches, and the Antares rocket being used is not new. The mission seemed ordinary, a resupply operation. We have commented on launch failures in the US, Russia, and by the ESA over the past few years, and specified the reasons
these launches were blocked. They were to be used to intimidate from space, to spy on desperate migrants, or to facilitate an escape into space for the elite. Was this latest NASA disaster blocked for a similar reason?  

The elite – the wealthy and politically powerful in the world – have continued in their attempts to thwart the announcement by Obama and his partners admitting that Nibiru, aka Planet X exists. We have long stated that the announcement date was set by Obama and Xi at their June 7-8, 2013 meeting in Santa Monica. The flustered slip given by the French Foreign Minister on May 13, 2014 re “500 days
until climate chaos” was in reference to this, as the date set was to be 500 days from the 2013 meeting, ie October 20, 2014. There was an obvious test of the EBS system
on October 24, 2014, designed to flush out any remaining saboteurs that could delay or counter the announcement.

Now it has been announced that the White House has been under cyber attack
for the past two weeks, a period of time leading into October 20 and the days following. This latest launch disaster is a clear and pointed message to the elite to cease their attempt to prevent the common man from knowing what the elite know – that Nibiru has arrived and another passage is pending. The Council of Worlds considers this to be WAR against the selfish elements among the elite who are using their knowledge about the pending passage to retain their privileged positions while preventing the common man from coming to terms with what is in their near future. These elite should expect more than exploding launches, in their future.
SOZT November 8, 2014
Although the EBS system did arrive at AT&T U-verse clients, it was intended to go out to all TV stations and did not. This despite extensive checking in the months ahead of that Friday October 24. TV stations are not owned by the government, in the main, and this is certainly true in the US. They are corporate owned, and thus subject to the dictates of the wealthy elite who own them. Thus the EBS and Oval Office routes are closed to Obama, as are any pressers where he is speaking live. The fact that this block would be so complete and ruthless was frankly a surprise to the announcement team.

What did the White House hacking reveal, where their internet connections were accessed days prior to the week of  October 20 and following? Per news reports, the US was informed that they were hacked by a friendly foreign power and Russian text was found within the hacking software, so the Russians were suspected. This was a setup as the Russians were not involved, but rather Israel at the helm, as they also are part of the cover-up team. The Jewish banking system is very much opposed to the announcement. This whole hacking system was to ensure that the White House had NO route to the outside press, thus emails to the media were haphazard during the outage.

Relying solely on Russia or China to proceed would get the truth out BUT since the block had always been on the US end, via Reagan’s national security directive, without a confirmation from Obama this is awkward and subject to being countered. If true, where is the confirmation from Obama? It would be packaged as some odd communist attack against Obama going into the elections, to make him seem weak, almost comical. So where is this going now? For us to comment would be to empower the enemy, which of course we will not do. Your curiosity is not as important as having the announcement succeed.
SOZT November 5, 2014
Nancy has entertained various possible strikes against the elite controlling the media and boxing Obama in, as a means of both buoying her spirits and those of the many people who like she are deeply discouraged. How can migration begin, and survival camps be started, if the public is being told one thing by their government and another by ZetaTalk? Nancy is not the only party discouraged. The wealthy elite countering the announcement include the banking industry, Wall Street, and the government of Israel. They feel their secrets are safe despite the theft of Gold from Fort Knox, Wall Street crimes not yet revealed or prosecuted, off-shore accounts, and various crimes committed by Israel who think themselves invisible.

The best term to describe the means by which the Council of Worlds will apply pressure on these elite is blackmail. They not only know where the proof of crimes lays, and the absolutely proof of who instituted the crimes and participated, the Council also has POSSESSION of this proof. Information going viral on the Internet or via many media routes not controlled by the elite ensures that exposure would be sudden, complete, unstoppable, and the proof in the hands of those who would be most offended and infuriated by the revelations. The villains have already been presented with their options and have been given scant time to comply or suffer the consequences.
SOZT November 13, 2014
Are there clues that the elite who have been blocking the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru are under assault by the truth?  In negotiations, the coup de grâce is not delivered as a first blow. It is held until negotiations have failed. To start, the competence of the party to DELIVER such blows is demonstrated. Reagan is long dead, as is Thatcher, but for a highly private conversation in 1983 to be revealed, not just in the words expressed but in Reagan’s own VOICE, is an example of how competent the Council of Worlds is at delivering on their promise. Another example is the highly private deal that Tony Blair arranged with PetroSaudi, suddenly in the press. There is NOTHING they could not reveal to the public, is the message.

The ning blog
on the Council of Worlds threats to the elite has also recorded a number of banking crimes, suddenly being settled between the regulators and the banks. These issues are quite international, with regulators from a number of countries involved – NBA fees in Australia; RBS, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, UBS and Citibank fined in the UK and US over currency fixing; Barclays, the CIA bank involved in crimes as far back as the S&L crisis in the US, being forced into a settlement.  Why the rush? It is not necessarily fresh evidence that is forcing the rush, it is the anticipation that more could be revealed, so the banks are suddenly eager to close the case. They have on other issues been given EVIDENCE, a taste, of what awaits them if the Council of Worlds proceeds.

Another clue to what is happening behind the scenes is the media focus. In the past these issues would NOT be in the media, or on some back page or conspiracy site if at all. Media handlers have started to loosen their grip on what can be reported, though this grip is still a strangle hold. The Media moguls, such as Murdock, are experimenting, loosening the reigns bit by bit. Soon they personally will be faced with embarrassing revelations, both personal and criminal, in press outlets NOTfriendly to the target. The Internet spreads the word, and as long as ANY major media outlet reports some news, it gets around. This game has just begun!    
SOZT December 4, 2014
The dynamics of this latest Netanyahu power grab give the appearance of strength but the situation is the opposite. Traditionally, when Israel had been under attack in any way, the political right would gain strength, the citizens fearing annihilation in a land surrounded by resentful Arabs. Netanyahu has always managed to return to power, thus. Given the recent Gaza war (where Israel grabbed another 1,000 acres
of land) and the rise of ISIS in the Middle East, it would on the surface appear that he is taking the opportunity to reshape Parliament and his Cabinet to his liking. Behind the scenes, however, something else is brewing.
Netanyahu appears to be overreacting, as though he needs to consolidate power before another onslaught. Israel and the banking industry represented by powerful Jews were cited by ourselves as being enemies of the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru. What can be seen since the Council of Worlds went to war with this crowd is that Israel has been cited at the UN for its possession of nuclear weapons (a fact they have always denied) and their treatment of the Palestinians.  European countries are increasingly condemning Israel for their land grabs in Palestine, France recently joining this list.

With Parliament dissolved, and his Cabinet reduced to those compliant with him, he is essentially a dictator until March. Netanyahu has always relied on the US to counter UN resolutions, as the US sits on the Security Council and can veto. Via political campaign contributions, he assumes he owns Congress. Congress budgets funds for Israel, bundling this into bills that Obama is inclined to accept. The US is also bankrupt, relying upon the good graces of the Federal Reserve. European countries are strong trading partners with Israel, thus Europe is inclined to continue this lucrative trade.

Who and what could counter this arrangement and rein Netanyahu in? The citizens of Israel. If he falls out of favor, due to exposure of crimes in his past, then the vote in March could go in a very different direction. In matters of pressure on those blocking the announcement, it is also not the blocking party that is the target. Pressure can work via many routes. Trading partners can be pressured to cancel contracts and block trade in sympathy with Palestinians. Members of the US Congress can be pressured to suspend payments to Israel. If signaled privately by the Fed that pressure on Israel might proceed, the US might support UN resolutions. But it is primarily the democratic vote in March that Netanyahu would fear. Might he declare martial law, if pressed? Absolutely, and this is likely to happen shortly.
SOZT December 7, 2014
Where it is clear that popular websites like the Drudge Report and World Net Daily and CNN seemed inaccessible for hours, it is not clear who did the deed. Was this a hack, related to the hack into Sonny data just days before? Was this a government sponsored test, to snuff the news if the announcement admitting that Nibiru is real and nearby occurs? Was this at the hand of the New World Order, the elite who presume to run the world? Who would have the ability to stop the flow of only SELECT websites as the data departs from various Internet Service Providers (ISP)?

The cutoff was at the point of origin, the test pointing to the specific ISP server via the Internet Domain Name Servers (DNS) which translate a request for CNN.com to a unique series of numbers – the server Internet Protocol (IP) address. The requests came in, but no data went out. Instead, a substitute blank page informed the requestor that the request had timed out, or the domain name could not be found. This Internet shutoff test was to determine the effectiveness not only of the cutoff, but of its ability to SELECTIVELY cutoff websites. Some blocked, others allowed to function normally.

TV stations have an automatic cutoff, and can be controlled thus by a switch. Why else is there a 30 second delay during broadcasts? All TV stations and major ISP’s are owned by someone, and have a major stockholder who is wealthy. The dominant stockholders, thus, are either part of the elite wanting to block the announcement by Obama or can be influenced by one of the elite. They are known, and can be threatened. Though considered ultra-rightist, the Drudge Report was included in the test as Drudge was inclined to succumb to Council of Worlds pressure, allowing the truth about Nibiru to appear on his popular site.

All this is a sign of the intensity of the battle behind the scenes, where the Council of Worlds has gone to war with those blocking the announcement. The public has a right to know the truth about the pending passage. The primary villains are the banking industry, Israel at the hands of Netanyahu, and the wealthy elite who control the media. Secondary villains are Republicans or the ultra-right politicians who ally with corporations and the 1%, and fear a rioting populace will degrade their assets. The royal family in the UK, the Queen, are also adamantly opposed to the announcement as they plan to flee the UK as it floods and drowns and want secrecy around their plans. During this war, the cover-up crowd may start attacking EACH OTHER, and the war is at that point.
SOZT December 10, 2014
We have stated that the public will see only the flash and parry of swords from a distance during the Council of Worlds war with the cover-up crowd. Meanwhile, periodic tests of the Emergency Broadcast System in the US are done, to see if the channels are open. As of this writing, they are not yet open. The war is still on, full press. Meanwhile, during the flash and parry of swords, one can see resistance, pleading, panic, and capitulation.

While loudly maintaining bravado,
refusing to give Obama coverage on his immigration amnesty announcement, there are subtle signs that the media is starting to comply. No perpetrator was identified when several major media sites - including the popular Drudge Report and CNN and MSNBC – were down for hours,
clamped off at the website ISP. This was done by the elite, to warn the media not to comply with the Council’s demands. Now the CIA torture reports - an extreme embarrassment to cover-up advocates Dick Cheney, the CIA, and the Republican Party -  is getting prime time coverage.  Progress has been made.

While loudly proclaiming that they will indeed go to Mars, the Orion test flight was delayed for a day
until crucial life support equipment tests were removed. Meanwhile, the bravado and bragging continues, as the elite hope that after the announcement they can go back to business as usual – saving their own skins. Bankers are still being found dead for mysterious or suspect reasons, but killing witnesses will not allow them to escape an expose. The banking industry has now begun to pressure media moguls to allow the announcement. Netanyahu’s power grab
looked on the surface to be coming from strength, but he has over reacted by isolating himself. He will thus be the obvious target when Israel’s secrets are revealed.

Since the Council of Worlds went to war with the cover-up, the Sonny hack occurred, with the FBI still not able to discern who the perpetrators are. N Korea does not have the skills, and demands that The Interview - a movie embarrassing to N Korea - be pulled just part of the frame-up.  The group making claims, the Guardians of Peace, is working at the hands of the Council of Worlds, and is being assisted by angels, thus. Sony is being used as an example, to other media elite, of what lies ahead for them if they do not comply with the Council’s demands. Time is running out for these media moguls.

And what of William and Kate’s sudden visit to the US, which included a one-on-one between William and Obama? The Queen and many in the UK government are adamantly opposed to breaking the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru. The Queen has sought asylum
in various countries, including the US under Bush, as she intends to desert the commoners in the UK when the Earth changes increase. William and Kate and their adorable toddler have recently visited New Zealand,
seeking this for the royal family. But this visit to the US is to strike a deal – the Queen will allow the announcement re Nibiru if Obama agrees to bring the royal family to the US and give them protection. The offer was, of course, refused.   


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