Wednesday, October 29, 2014

12 steps to a color revolution

Hong Kong has become the latest example of a dish prepared under a “NEW WORLD ORDER RECIPE” (with only 12 steps).

"Occupy Central," a civil disobedience campaign initiated in January 2013, is believed to be stirred up through the 12 steps that the U.S. HAS BEEN (?!) TAKING to detroy a nation. Yes, a nation.

1) Dispatch CIA, MI6 and other intelligence officers as students, tourists, volunteers, businessmen, reporters to the target country.

2) Set up non-governmental organizations (NGO) under the guise of humanitarianism to fight for "democracy" and "human rights" in order to attract advocates of freedom and ideals.

3) Attract local traitors, especially academics, politicians, reporters, soldiers, etc., through bribery or threaten those who have some stain in their life.

4) If the target country has labor unions, bribe them.

5) Pick a catchy theme or color for the revolution.

6) Start protests for whatever reasons to kick off the revolution. Evidence isn't necessary; an excuse will do.

7) Write protest signs and banners in English to let Americans see and get American politicians and civilians involved.

8) Let those corrupted politicians, intellectuals and union leaders join the protests, and call upon all people with grievances to join.

9) The US and Europe mainstream media help continuously emphasize that the revolution is caused by injustice, thereby gaining the support of the majority.

10) When the whole world is watching, stage a false-flag operation. Fake an atrocity on the protesters. The target government will soon be destabilized and lose support among its people.

11) Add in violent agent provocateurs to provoke the police to use force. This will cause the target government to lose the support of other countries and become “delegitimized” by the international community.

12) Send politicians to the US, EU, UN to petition, so that the target government will face the threat of economic sanctions, no-fly zones, and even air strikes and an armed rebel uprising.

Occupy Central: USA's 12 Steps to Bring China into WW3 


This has been reported in The Standard one month after Occupy Central commenced:

The Standard: 12 steps to a color revolution
Hong Kong, Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A video clip on YouTube that says Occupy Central is the result of a currency war between China and America has gone viral, attracting more than 600,000 hits online.

The video, called "Psychological Wars in the Streets of Hong Kong," said there was a "difference in focus" between the Occupy movement and Beijing in handling the issue of universal suffrage in Hong Kong.

The Occupy movement talked about international standards while the government about country safety.

It also accused the US government of attempting a "full-spectrum dominance" strategy in China, which meant they would try to gain control over all dimensions of battle areas and resources, be they terrestrial, aerial or even psychological.

In another YouTube clip that has garnered more than 800,000 hits in nine days, the narrator concluded the United States used 12 steps to overthrow foreign governments.

The 26-minute video, posted by user "ziondaily," also questioned the US government's willingness to intervene in the democratic development of other countries.

In the video, the voiceover said the CIA would send agents to targeted foreign countries who pretended to be students, tourists, volunteers, businessmen or journalists as a first step. Then they would set up non- governmental organizations to recruit people who had aspirations of freedom.

Next would be bribing scholars, politicians, journalists and soldiers to control them.

Further steps included launching protests and overthrowing governments under such banners as human rights, democracy or government corruption, and then requesting bribed scholars and politicians to call on people to join the protests.

The United States would then try to rationalize the "revolutions" in mainstream media.

Then the foreign media would cover the stories, and at the same time, some "radical spies" would blend in with protesters and take violent action to provoke police to use force to suppress the protests. Then the government would lose legitimacy as well as support from foreign countries.

Finally, politicians would attend hearings in America and the United Nations and explain what has happened, resulting in international society imposing sanctions on the target country such as economic sanctions, no-fly zones, providing weapons to rebels or even assistance in air raid attacks.

The video quoted retired US general Wesley Clark's speech in 2007 when he said: "There is a policy coup in this country. Some hard-nosed people took over the direction of American policy and they never bothered to inform the rest of us."

Clark revealed an officer from the Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff told him of a classified memo which said the US government was going to attack and destroy seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.


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